Saturday, May 08, 2010

Youtube 3D

Youtube player supports Stereoscopy (3D) content. The player provides various options to deliver 3D content differently to your browser. There is an option “Cross-eyed” to watch 3D (with 3D) with your naked eye. But, you should strain your eyes to overlap two images. (I tried and couldn’t make it L). Other options should allow you to watch the video using the 3D special glasses. Currently, youtube doesn’t support Polarized 3D glasses.

Watch this video. Notice the “3D” option in the player. Seems there are many 3D content available in youtube. Next thing, I am gonna do is buy a 3D glass J. No wonder if full 3D movies make into youtube in near future.

Copying text from the video:

I simply used 2 identical (very cheap) cameras and placed them in the same general direction (both level with the lenses separated about 2 1/2 inches from each other). Then I resized the videos in editing and placed them next to each other (like you see in the "cross-eyed" setting). Once it was uploaded I added a few tags to trigger YouTube's new 3D viewing feature. The tag "yt3d:enable=true yt3d:aspect=3.55:4" is a custom tag I made specifically for this video and may not work for your video if you use it but it wouldn't hurt to try I guess. So just put that code into your tags if your video looks like mine.

Unfortunately, I had to cross my eyes to edit in 3D. I don't have any big fancy programs or a team to animate for me like most 3D studios have. So I like to keep it simple. It was a pain in the arse making this but it worked and I'm happy for that.

Camera used:
2 Flipcams