Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Software Freedom Day 2009

Software Freedom Day is being celebrated across the world to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and celebrate the people behind FOSS. A non-profit company based in USA called Software Freedom International (SFI) coordinates the SFD across the globe. Though, there are many local groups in different regions that celebrates the day by themselves.

I am not totally involved in any of the Open Source projects. But, I could understand the freedom given to the end user in any software that they use. One have full freedom to customize the software for their use and enhance it. I was using pirated editions of Windows in my college days. Now, I have migrated to the FOSS world. I use Ubuntu in my personal laptop. Whatever software that I want to do my day to day activities are also freely available for Linux. This prevents me from stealing others work ;) I am not against M$ or anything. I just prefer to be with FOSS.

The SFD is also celebrated in Chennai. The date is 19 September 2009. The venue planned is Birla Auditorium, Kotturpuram. There are various events, stalls, activities being planned for the day. Lots of people are volunteering themselves to contribute to the event, which is a nice thing.

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I personally feel, though one likes FOSS, they should not be biased to FOSS and grow hatred towards non-FOSS people.

So, have fun. Let the source be with you...